Featured: Ancient Warrior Collection


Creating this collection of oil paintings focusing on ancient and iconic warriors across various cultures has been a true passion of mine. I was drawn to this subject matter and simply couldn’t move on to other paintings until I had completed this collection. Even now, I can envision future paintings that will add to this body of work.

As an artist, I find history and ancient cultures endlessly fascinating, and the warrior cultures, in particular, have always captured my imagination. The strength, courage, technical fighting skills, and discipline of these ancient warriors is something that is so different from our modern world that it feels almost like fantasy. I deeply admire the level of fierceness that all of them embodied, and my paintings seek to capture that essence.

In my work, I aim to highlight the disciplines and standards that these warriors were held to in a much harder time period, which stands in stark contrast to today’s reality in many first-world countries. Through my paintings, I hope to convey the power and intensity of these ancient cultures and to inspire viewers to appreciate the strength and determination that they possessed.

The three largest paintings in my collection each have an accompanying short story that adds an intimate and captivating dimension to the work. Written by a talented writer and, coincidentally, my brother, these stories offer a deeper look into the lives and mentality of the warriors depicted in the paintings. By bringing together the written word and visual art, I aim to transport the viewer into a world of heightened emotion and imagination. Each stroke of the brush and each word on the page is carefully crafted and attempts to evoke a sense of wonder. My hope is that this collection will leave a lasting impression on anyone who encounters my art. 

Clandestine -Ninja/Geisha

Oil and liquid goldleaf on canvas

36″x 48″in

While working on my Ancient Warriors collection, I knew I wanted to include a strong female figure, and I also knew that I obviously had to paint a ninja in this collection. I have also been fascinated by geishas for as long as I can remember. As I started to do some research, I learned about the Kunoichi, female ninjas who were skilled in infiltration and espionage. They often posed as actresses or prostitutes, and I thought it would be interesting to imagine a Kunoichi who was also a geisha. In the painting, the geisha is shown from behind, with her back and profile showing and her vibrant cheeks looking down at her sword. This adds to the sense of mystery and emotion that I wanted to convey. The name of the painting, Clandestine, reflects this idea of secrecy and hidden identities. The background of the painting is also important. I wanted to create a sense of luxury and opulence, with gold dripping down and splashing onto the geisha’s short sword, her shoulders, and her head. Overall, I hope this painting captures the beauty, danger, and mystery of the geisha and the Kunoichi.

Calamity Samurai

Calamity – Samurai

Oil and gold leaf flakes on canvas

36″ x 60″ in

This painting was the first in my ‘ancient warriors’ collection, and what inspired it all. I find the samurai code of honor, Bushido, very inspiring and admirable. And the samurai armor is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to me that I had to paint it. I wanted to paint the samurai with his shoulders hunched and tired, as if he just went through a battle. I also wanted his eyes not to show through the mask. I painted cherry blossoms because the contrast of something so beautiful and delicate next to something so deadly was extremely appealing to me. Also, in my research on Samurai symbolism, I read that a fallen cherry blossom symbolizes a fallen samurai who sacrificed his life for the emperor. I wanted viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between life and death, beauty and brutality. 

I can’t always articulate my paintings since they start as an aesthetic idea that hopefully evokes an emotion in the viewer. Explaining them too much is difficult for me. So I asked a talented writer, my brother Christian Riverón, to articulate the three biggest paintings into short stories and to help me paint a better picture of these warriors through his words.  


Revered – Aztec

Oil and gold leaf flakes on canvas

36″ x 60″ in

One culture that has always fascinated me is the Aztec culture, with its vibrant art, mythology, and history. I painted the Aztec and the Jaguar as equals, with mutual respect and admiration. The Jaguar was a revered figure in Aztec culture, representing strength, courage, and spirituality. The torch which is being extended to the Jaguar symbolizes knowledge and understanding. This is the second painting that has a short story written by Christian Riverón.

Fury – Viking

Oil and liquid goldleaf on canvas

36″x 60″ in

I wanted to capture the essence of Viking exploration and desperation in this painting. It portrays a Viking with his back turned to the viewer, looking at a snowy landscape. In the distance, a Viking ship sails through icy waters, adding to the sense of exploration and adventure. I aimed to capture the essence of desperation and challenge that Vikings may have faced on their voyages, using abstract textures to create a cold and harsh atmosphere. This is the third painting that has a short story written by Christian Riverón.


Fortitude – Zulu

Oil and liquid goldleaf on canvas

36″ x 36″ in

In this painting, I sought to capture the strength and resilience of the Zulu warrior. I chose to depict the warrior holding an Iklwa, a weapon designed by Shaka Zulu himself, to highlight the cultural significance of this powerful symbol. To create a unique texture for the painting, I used an actual palm leaf to create a raised texture effect in the leaves. Against a background of soft, cool gray, the warrior stands tall and proud, embodying the spirit of fortitude that the Zulu people are known for.


Perseverance – Spartan

Oil and liquid goldleaf on canvas

36″ x 36″in

This painting is the final piece in my Ancient Warrior’s collection and is personally one of my favorites. With this painting, I aimed to capture the essence of a Spartan warrior, showcasing the grit and determination in his profile. I wanted to convey the fierce intensity in his expression, as well as the ruggedness of his helmet. I painted the background to look like gold fog. This symbolizes the wealth and power of the Spartan empire, as well as the mystical aura that often surrounds ancient cultures. Finally, I wanted the red cape to make a bold statement, drawing the viewer’s attention to the Spartan’s presence on the canvas. Overall, my goal with this painting was to pay homage to the legendary Spartan warriors. I hope that viewers will be able to feel the strength and resilience embodied by the Spartan, and that this painting will serve as a tribute to one of history’s most iconic warrior cultures.

Revenant – Comanche

Oil and impasto on canvas

36″ x 48″in

This painting depicts a warrior and his horse in vibrant oil paints in various shades of brown, terracotta, clay, and burgundy, using impasto techniques to create a highly textured background. I painted the warrior looking up in a fierce war cry, evoking the strength and courage of the Comanche culture. The background is an abstract depiction of Peek-a-boo slot canyon, or Red Canyon, in Utah. The use of the term “revenant” as the painting’s name adds a layer of depth and meaning, suggesting a connection to his ancestors.